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Ski Traverses in B.C.


Pulling sleds on a glacier

April is the prime time for ski expeditions. The days are long, the glaciers filled in nicely, the snow consolidated and the avalanche danger low. A perfect time for those week-long trips into the far reaches of the southwest B.C. In this post I will offer some ideas for popular traverses within 100 km from Vancouver. Our mountainous backyard is so vast that you are very likely to have it all to yourselves. Continue reading

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Ashlu-Elaho Traverse

Ashlu-Elaho_6841.jpgThis is a beautiful, rarely done traverse in the very backyard of Squamish. Washed out logging roads make it now a bit more complicated to access but it is still very much doable for a dedicated party. The reward will be absolute solitude just 50km west of civilization and fantastic views of the seldom-seen ridges and valleys. Continue reading