Hello there and welcome to our blog.


My name is Alena and this is us, the black ninjas 🙂 We live in Vancouver, B.C.

The picture on the left was taken in the middle of nowhere or close enough. That special location can be found on the Homathko Icelfield, a remote place in British Columbia, Canada. The face hidden behind the ski goggles is me. The grinning man next to me is my husband Peter. I couldn’t wish for a better partner in our outdoorsy pursuits.

And this is what we love – far flung places, studying maps, exploring, sleeping in our tent but above all, just getting outside and feeling the world with all of our senses. As Peter says: “You need to get off your couch to experience something extraordinary.” And we do get out a fair bit, however not all our trips involve a helicopter drop off and the suffering that ensues. You can say that we are equal opportunity explorers who enjoy a variety of activities and a range of terrains.

We created this blog to share some ideas of where to go and what to do around southwest B.C., season by season, no matter what your experience or fitness level is. We hope that it inspires you to get out and see all those beautiful places for yourself.

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