Provincial Parks

I’m on a mission! I have a crazy goal of visiting every single provincial park in southwestern British Columbia. This includes Lower Mainland and up to Pemberton, east towards Skagit Valley and west up Sunshine Coast, plus all the marine parks in between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

There are 158 provincial parks that fit within that area. Some are quite small, some are larger than entire countries but they certainly do have one thing in common – they are all beautiful. I know because I have already visited 150 of them and without fail they were all worth a visit.

I’ve been on this mission for five years now and I have hiked, I have biked and I have kayaked to reach all of the them. As of October 2021 there are still 8 parks to check off the list. They are the difficult ones to get to that require quite some time & effort and/or technical skill. But from my own experience – even the craziest dreams have a way of coming true if you keep them on the front burner.

I invite you to take a look at my map where I put a marker on every provincial park I have visited so far. If you click on the marker, additional window will pop up with a link to the post featuring that particular park, complete with photos and useful information for planning YOUR visit.

Still eight more to go but so grateful for having visited these so far:

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