Circumnavigation of Cortes Island

Camping on small islets and whale-spotting

Each year we try to do at least one week-long kayaking trip. Having paddled around Discovery Islands the year prior we wanted to come back to the same area for more – this time the choice was the circumnavigation of Cortes Island, a kayaking journey of 105 km with camping at some very scenic spots and free whale watching included.

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Sea to Sky Marine Trail

Kayaking and camping adventure near Vancouver

We often think of trails as a defined path on a forest floor but waters have their well-trodden routes as well. Just like a forest trail follows a logical path of least resistance, a waterway links safe harbours to best fishing spots, sources of fresh water and campsites protected from prevailing winds.

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Jervis Inlet by Kayak

“It’s like kayaking in the alpine.”

If you are a kayaker, Pacific Northwest is a blessed placed to be. Soooo many bays and coves, islands and islets to explore! One of my favourite kayaking trips of all times was paddling to the head of Jervis Inlet which cuts deep into the coast mountains. The scenery of rugged peaks lining the inlet is so scenic that Peter described it as “kayaking in the alpine”.

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McBride Traverse

Crossing Garibaldi Park on skis – route description and GPS track download

McBride Traverse is a ski route that spans the length of the vast Garibaldi park. The entire route can clock in somewhere around 100km and ten years ago used to be a major undertaking. However, the young generation of backcountry skiers is pushing the envelope of what’s considered “recreational” and I am seeing parties doing this traverse in substantially less time. Strong navigational skills recommended.

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Exodus Traverse

Ski trip from Callaghan to Squamish Valley over Pemberton Icecap

Visiting Exodus Glacier was a bit of unfinished business for us. In 2018 we were planning to do a traverse from Dipper Creek to Ring Mountain making a horseshoe around the upper Squamish River but bad weather forced us to turn around at Exodus Peak. So, in late March 2021 we put a team together again and drew another line on the map, this one extending the trip beyond Ring Mountain and into Callaghan Valley.

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