Lillooet Icefield

Bridge Pk in the far back.jpg

Camp Below Bridge Peak

Do not attempt this trip unless you have some solid experience with camping and survival in winter conditions, navigation over gnarly terrain, and a certain degree of confidence in own abilities in an unfamiliar landscape. I actually decided to create a new difficulty category for this trip -> extreme (relative to, say biking the cherry blossoms 🙂 ). It taught me so much about human vulnerability in the grips of nature and why indigenous peoples typically revered mountains but stayed away from them, especially in winter. Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms


I was recently biking down a street in East Van, in a little residential area where neighbours seemingly try to outdo each other when it comes to their landscaping passions, when I noticed all those tender buds on the trees, the pink promises of future cherry blossom overload and just the general acuteness of an impeding spring. It was here, rolling down East 14th Avenue that I conceived of an obvious idea of “biking the blossoms”. Continue reading

Juneau Icefield


I’d like to tell you about my most favourite trip of all times. Well, there are a few that concurrently hold the spot #1 but this one comes to mind when I think of a wholesome, expedition-style trip that combines a relative ease of travel with just the right amount of challenge, in a landscape beautiful beyond normal, topped off with having it done with the favouritest people in my universe. Let’s talk about the Juneau Icefield traverse.

This is a truly international trip, starting in Atlin, B.C., Canada and ending in a small town of Juneau in the Alaskan panhandle. Therefore, after completing this trip, you can say: “I’ve skied from Canada to Alaska!” Continue reading

Seymour Suspension Bridge


On December 7, 2014 a large rock slide flooded the Seymour River canyon taking out an important pedestrian bridge linking the west and east side of the river. The decommissioning of what was once known as Twin Bridges resulted in some popular hiking loops being no longer viable.

Five years later and Metro Vancouver has a new 75 m suspension bridge connecting Lower Fisherman’s Trail to the trails on the west side of the river. We had to check it. Continue reading

Ski Traverses in B.C.


Ascending up Ring Creek (Garibaldi Neve)

April is the prime time for ski expeditions. The days are long, the glaciers filled in nicely, the snow consolidated and the avalanche danger low. A perfect time for those week-long trips into the far reaches of the southwest B.C. In this post I will offer some ideas for popular traverses within 100 km from Vancouver. Our mountainous backyard is so vast that you are very likely to have it all to yourselves. Continue reading

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