Jervis Inlet by Kayak

“It’s like kayaking in the alpine.”

If you are a kayaker, Pacific Northwest is a blessed placed to be. Soooo many bays and coves, islands and islets to explore! One of my favourite kayaking trips of all times was paddling to the head of Jervis Inlet which cuts deep into the coast mountains. The scenery of rugged peaks lining the inlet is so scenic that Peter described it as “kayaking in the alpine”.

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McBride Traverse

Crossing Garibaldi Park on skis – route description and GPS track download

McBride Traverse is a ski route that spans the length of the vast Garibaldi park. The entire route can clock in somewhere around 100km and ten years ago used to be a major undertaking. However, the young generation of backcountry skiers is pushing the envelope of what’s considered “recreational” and I am seeing parties doing this traverse in substantially less time. Strong navigational skills recommended.

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Daniels Divide

Or why this place is not a provincial park is beyond me.

In 2017 we did a backpacking trip that I will never forget. Just 40 km north of Powell River lies an incredible land of massive granite, alpine tarns, glaciers and vertical walls. This place is so stunning that you gotta see it to believe. Yet it is not a provincial park, or any other park, but if you’re willing to go through the logistical puzzle of getting there – it’s waiting to be discovered.

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Quadra Island

Wind, whales and five provincial parks

Do you remember those couple of weeks at the end of March/ early April 2020 when everything shut down and the world went eerily quiet? For me, it was a sad world of not hugging your friends or visiting places. Hunkered down at home I took solace in looking over marine charts and plotting a kayaking trip for when we can travel again.

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