Daniels Divide

Or why this place is not a provincial park is beyond me.

In 2017 we did a backpacking trip that I will never forget. Just 40 km north of Powell River lies an incredible land of massive granite, alpine tarns, glaciers and vertical walls. This place is so stunning that you gotta see it to believe. Yet it is not a provincial park, or any other park, but if you’re willing to go through the logistical puzzle of getting there – it’s there, waiting to be discovered.

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Pender Island

Hills and Mermaids

Pender Island was the last missing piece of the puzzle. Over the years, we have visited and biked on every single Southern Gulf Island but I was deferring a visit to Pender as all I have heard about it was “Hills. BIG hills!”

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Quadra Island

Wind, whales and five provincial parks

Do you remember those couple of weeks at the end of March/ early April 2020 when everything shut down and the world was eerily quiet, people hunkered down? I remember it vividly. I remember the sadness I felt over the world where you were no allowed to hug your friends or visit places and see the beautiful world near and far. It was during those few weeks that I took solace in looking over marine charts and studying tide tables. It was in mid-April that I promised myself to spread the wings and go kayak around Quadra as soon as we can.

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Kettle Valley Railway

Penticton to Kelowna

90 km / 7 hrs and not much time for anything else

On Day 2 of our Okanagan weekend I set my eyes on the section of Kettle Valley Railway from Penticton to Kelowna, a trail winding through the hillside wineries and up the Naramata bench. My final destination – Kelowna, 90km away where my husband was to pick me up late in the afternoon.

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Lillooet Icefield

Do not attempt this trip unless you have some solid experience with camping and survival in winter conditions, navigation over gnarly terrain, and a certain degree of confidence in own abilities in an unfamiliar landscape. It taught me so much about human vulnerability and why indigenous peoples revered mountains but stayed away from them, especially in winter.

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