Gee, there are so many great online resources that continue to inspire that I am having a hard time to whittle it down to a few. But, if pressed for brevity, here would be the list of those which I find myself reaching for the most (stars are given to absolute stars on this list :-).

Trail information and ideas:

  • Clubtread – an online community / forum, great for taking note of what hikes are “in season” and to learn about the trail conditions. 2019 Edit: you now have to have a login name to be able to view forum posts, which was not the case prior to the ownership change in ~2016.
  • *Bivouac – a BC database of trips, trails, routes, road conditions and overall a fantastic resource for those that want to venture off the beaten path. An annual access fee applies.
  • LiveTrails – an opensource / collaboration form database of trails in the area, including GPS tracking and recent trip reports.
  • Trans Canada Trail, BC – I reach for this one when looking for cycling ideas. TCT is bikeable for most bikes other than the racers and the trail usually takes you on backroads and through interesting areas.

Official parks websites:

Road conditions:


  • *The Norwegians – the best kept secret. This national weather service from Norway gets our BC weather right 70% more often than Environment Canada
  • Whistler Blackcomb alpine forecast – invaluable before heading out in winter for what the conditions are like in the alpine
  • Avalanche Canada – seasonal reporting on snow conditions in the province, avalanche advisory


I am also humbled and inspired by the dedication of these people to living and promoting outdoor adventures big and small:


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